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Bike Rental Leiden

Want to discover Leiden and its surroundings? Simply rent one of our beautiful bicycles at Rent a bike Leiden / BikeRent Leiden.

What makes our bikes so special? They have a stylish and classic look, but modern techniques (3 speed gripshift, relaxed riding position for comfort).

First select language 'English' and than a bicycle from the list below. After your reservation we have the bike ready to go on your specified day / time. As simple as that...

Opening hours Bike Rental Leiden:
Tuesday-Friday 9:00-17:00 h .
Saturday and Sunday: On request
Monday: On request

BikeRental Leiden
Maalderijstraat 2a
2312 WW  Leiden

Our bikeshop is located by CoffeeBar Grutsk, at 'De Meelfabriek' (BikeRental Leiden / Rent-a-bike-leiden / BikeRent Leiden)

Prices Rent-a-bike Leiden / Bike rental Leiden / Bike Rent Leiden
1/2 day / 4 hours from € 12,50
9.00-17.00 h from : € 20,00
24 h from € 30,00


Leiden and surroundings has a lot of nice places to visit. Rent a bicycle at our shop near the centre of Leiden. 

BikeRent Leiden / Bike Rent Leiden / BikeRental Leiden / Rent a bike Leiden

About us

Cycling is our passion. We do it from an early age.

Tricycle with training wheels, without training wheels, 18 inch, 24 inch, BMX, in all kinds of weathers on the bike to school, cycling in the Ardennes (off-road and all-road)...

Discovering exciting locations, places you do not reach by car, pristine nature, Australia, Austria, Italy, France, Ireland, Spain, short distances, long distances, sense of freedom...

Eye for details, in a split-second you recognize a nice bike, one bike is all you need....

"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bikeride" (John F. Kennedy)